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Re: Thermostat will display, but not respond - Mobilinc Pro

Postby Dodger61 » Fri Jun 01, 2012 6:39 pm

Hi, fyi, have been having exact same problem after receiving new thermostat adapters as part of smarthome replacement program recently. I can confirm it is something not jiving between mobilinc and adapter versions higher than 2.2. Had no problems prior. Have two thermostats and had one adapter v2.2 and one v2.4. The v2.2 continued to work fine on both thermostats. The v2.4 works on neither when controlling via mobilinc but works perfectly via smartlinc web interface. Will only read status on mobilinc, not send any changes to adapter. Hope your new version fixes this. When will it be out as I have to return the replacement adapters I have since they cross-shipped me new ones to try and fix it. Thanks.
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Re: Thermostat will display, but not respond - Mobilinc Pro

Postby AdminWes » Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:27 pm

Hi Dodger61,

Thanks for the confirmation. Rev 2.4 version of the INSTEON adapter and INSTEON thermostats changed how they accept commands from other devices on the INSTEON network. This required that Smarthome upgrade their SmartLinc firmware to an I2CS compatible SmartLinc firmware. A side-effect was that MobiLinc also needed to change as well to understand the new communication protocol.

We've got MobiLinc Pro/HD all fixed up and submitted to Apple for review. We expect approval next week.

Thank you for your patience as Apple works through the review process.
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