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MobiLinc for iOS Release History

Postby AdminWes » Sat May 15, 2010 1:58 pm

Version 3.07.00 - Pro/HD/OML/Mi Light Style/Mi LightStyle HD
Now iPad Retina Compatible!

- When transferring settings to another iOS device, global settings now transfer.
- If Prevent Changes option is checked, this will now prevent changes to favorites, other settings, and creating new profiles.
- If a password is required to sync with the controller this now applies to the Copy Settings option for password confirmation as well.
- Fixed a couple of bugs found under iOS 5.1.

Version 3.06.01 - Pro/HD/OML
Added option to navigate to under the Contact Us options.

Minor bug fixes.
ISY Users:
- Fixed a bug that prevented modification of FAST ON and FAST OFF commands for scenes with only ON/OFF types of devices.

SmartLinc Users:
- Fixed a bug that prevented MobiLinc from auto connecting to a remote SmartLinc if MobiLinc detected a local SmartLinc that did NOT match the current profile.

Version 3.06.00 - All Apps
MobiLinc turns 3 years old this week! Thank you to everyone who has made MobiLinc successful!

On this special occasion, we are releasing support for MobiLinc Connect, our no port-forward solution for the popular ISY series of INSTEON controllers!

With MobiLinc Connect, access your ISY anywhere in the world all without any complex network settings. It just works.
- Free access for the first year!
- ISY users, create a new profile to try it out risk free!

New Features for Everyone:
- My Favorites page is dynamic and won't show empty catagories.
- New Lamp Icon.
- Added Contact Us option under My Settings. Reach us on Facebook, email, or the forums.
- Option to move the Plug-In Store and MobiLinc Store to the My Settings Page.
- Bug Fixes.

New Features for ISY Series Users:
- MobiLinc Connect! Requires ISY firmware 3.1.17 or later and the MobiLinc Connect module.
- Please install the MobiLinc Connect module for your ISY through the Admin Console.
- You can upgrade your existing direct connection to MobiLinc Connect by selecting MobiLinc Connect from My Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type.
- Custom Status, Command Names, and ICONS are now supported for programs.
- Variables are now supported.
(HD ONLY) - Can specify a Favorite Path to execute for Programs under My Favorites.
- Users with very large setups: many speed improvements were made to enable immediate device and program control on a warm start of MobiLinc. Please upgrade to the 3.1.17 firmware release.
- Full SEP Services now supported for Energy: Price, DR Events, and Messages are now supported.
- Added support for the latest Dual-Band INSTEON devices.
- Bug fixes.

New features for SmartLinc users:
- Full support for X10 only setups.
- Added OutletLinc Dimmer as a Module option.
- Improved handeling of setups where device communication problems exist.
- Bug fixes.

New features for PowerLinc users:
- Bug fixes.

Version 3.02.00 - MobiLinc Pro/Orchestrated MobiLinc and 1.03.00 for HD and MiLightStyle
All Controllers:
- Performance and Stability Fixes
- Added THREE new backgrounds that MobiLinc HD will transition to through the day. Or, use your own photo and customize MobiLinc!
- Added Advanced Option for Devices and Scenes to rename the ON and OFF status. Rename your garage door to "OPENED" and "CLOSED".
- Added many new status icons including: Holidays, Heating and Cooling, Motorized Curtains, Water Features, Outdoor Gates and Landscape Lighting! (when running on your iPhone/iPod Touch)

- Added support for the All-in-One Venstar/INSTEON thermostat.

- Added support for the iMeter Firmware and iMeter devices.

Version 3.01.00 - MobiLinc Pro/Orchestrated MobiLinc and 1.02.00 for HD and MiLightStyle
All Controllers:
- Performance and Stability Fixes
- Added a reverse Garage Door and Door ICON

- Fixed an issue with HTTPS connections.
- Fixed scene status for scenes with status only devices or scenes with only KPLs in the scene.
- Added option on My Settings->Lighting Controller to enable or disable Auto-Syncing with ISY on startup. [Recommendation to DISABLE for faster startup performance].
- Added support for RemoteLinc Devices.

- Fixed an issue with External Connections

Version 3.00.00 - MobiLinc Pro and 1.01.00 for HD and MiLightStyle
All Controllers:
- Reduced taps to navigate app.
- New Navigation Slider Bar accessible from anywhere in the app.
- ICON based control. Tap the icon to turn devices/scenes on and off.
- New theme ICONs and a new theme called Red Fusion.
- Select from 12 custom ICONS.
- Transfer Settings and Plug-Ins to another MobiLinc app on another device!
- Horizontal and Landscape modes supported.

New Features for ISY and MiLightStyle users:
- Syncs with ISY in the background. No more manual syncing on ISY configuration changes.
- Supports controlling scenes through devices.
- Scene ON Level calculated by MobiLinc.
- New Thermostat interface (ISY Only).
- Energy Plug-In comes Free! Requires the Energy monitor plug-in from the ISY or MiLightStyle.
- Set any part or all of a program as a favorite.
- Add new INSTEON devices to your ISY from the My Devices menu.

New Features for SmartLinc Users:
- New Thermostat interface.

New Features for PowerLinc Users:
- Scene On Level.

New Features for the iPad:
- Thermostat interface updated to show heat/cool set-points at the same time.
- The virtual KPLs will obey the toggle settings in the KPL. (ISY only)
- bug fixes.

Version 2.17.00
ISY Updates:
- Minor performance tweak on startup.

SmartLinc Updates:
- Fixed a problem where some SmartLinc controllers would send unknown data to MobiLinc during a sync operation causing MobiLinc to appear hung. Now, MobiLinc will inform the user that the SmartLinc may need to be reset (or factory reset) and will gracefully exit the sync operation saving the good data retrieved from the SmartLinc to the MobiLinc database.

Version 2.16.00
General Updates:
- Updated Icons/Images for iPhone 4 Retina Display.
- MobiLinc will now respond by rotating upside down if device is held in this orientation.

ISY Updates:
- Added Plug-In Store to offer "Resource Manager" to ISY owners. Turn any light/device/scene into a custom timer, or energy manager. Includes a promo code to for big savings on your next home automation purchase.
- Fixed a bug with the "Update Only" option and Programs.

SmartLinc Updates:
- Bug Fixes.
- Thermostat code path streamlined.

Version 2.15.00
- Fixed startup hanging issue on iOS4 devices.
- Enabled Fast App Switching.

- For ISY Users:
-- Fixed sorting bug on the My Devices Page.
-- Added under Advance Options to set the ON Level and Ramp Rate for Insteon Dimming Devices.

Version 2.14.00
This version adds the following feature:
- Support for the Insteon Controller SmartLinc 2412N Version 3.0 device.

- Fixed a bug on the GUI where the keyboard would not dismiss if a notice popup occurred while entering the password on startup.
- When the iPhone/iPad transitions from 3G/EDGE to WiFi, MobiLinc will now issue an unsubscribe command to the ISY and resubscribe to the ISY over WiFi. This reduces the number of error messages logged by the ISY in the log file.

Version 2.13.00
- Fix to allow MobiLinc to run on the iPad and iPhone/touch.
- My Settings new options:
- Startup Password: If enabled, MobiLinc will now require the Insteon controller's password to use MobiLinc.
- Guest Mode: If enabled, MobiLinc will default launch into My Favorites and require the Insteon controller password to leave My Favorites.
- Prevent Sleep: If enabled, MobiLinc won't allow the iPhone/touch/iPad to go to sleep.
- Added SwitchLinc types 1.25.x.x and 1.30.x.x.
- Programs on the Favorite page show program status.
- Modules listed in the scene module list are now sorted A-Z.
- Other bug fixes.

- On startup MobiLinc polls for all Insteon Devices.
- Insteon Devices show status on the My Devices page and My Favorites.
- Added devices as favorites.
- Other bug fixes.

Version 2.12
- Users upgrading from 2.10 to 2.11 AND adjusted the thermostat setting in the iPhone/iPod Touch settings under 2.10 saw a crash in 2.11 on startup.
- Hide me string on the settings page would sometimes be pulled from the internal database incorrectly.
- Logic bug dealing with empty folders in some specific cases.
- Option to "Download All" in My Settings now restores all folders in addition to devices, scenes, and programs.

- None

Version 2.11
- Name change to MobiLinc.
- Option to set programs as favorites
- Performance enhancements
- Under My Settings, option to enter in your own custom text that directs MobiLinc to auto-hide any scene, device, or program that starts with this custom text. This is useful to hide a device, scene, or program from all your iPhones or iPod Touches by prepending this text to the beginning of a device, scene or program name.
- Shake the iPhone or iPod to jump to the MobiLinc startup page.
- Other bug fixes.

- None

Version 2.10
General Features:
- Themed backgrounds and matching color icons.
- Default, Blue Marble, Green Texture, Brass Metal Plate, Wood Grain, Papyrus, Retro Wallpaper.
- Multiple ISY support through Profiles.
- Create multiple profiles to access different ISY devices in your home or vacation home.
- Rename device commands to customize each device. For example, if a device opens a garage door, rename the "On" command to "Open Garage" and rename the "Off" command to "Close Garage".
- Pick any of the "My" pages as the default start-up page including the Profiles page to bypass the startup connection process and pick which profile to start.

ISY 26/99 Features:
- Thermostat Support.
- New home page, "My Programs" supports programs and program status from ISY.
- New home page, "My Weather" supports the weather module (if installed in ISY 99 only).
- Support for Folders if running ISY firmware 2.7.6.
- Set devices as Favorite devices.
- Sort options on devices (A-Z, Z-A, On-Off, Off-On).
- Auto detect if on local network and connect to ISY using the local IP address. If iLinc detects a cell connection or attempting to connect to a remote ISY, iLinc auto switches to use the external IP address and connects securely.
- New My Settings Options:
- Auto Close Favorite Sheet - Option to close or keep the Favorite command sheet open to allow the user to issue multiple commands to a device or scene before closing the sheet.
- Display Device Errors - If enabled, this will allow device error pop-up within iLinc if ISY reports a communication error with a device. If disabled, iLinc will not display these types of messages.
- Show Empty Folders - If disabled, iLinc will filter out empty folders in My Scenes and My Devices.
- New color options for Program status and state.

- None

Version 2.01
- iLinc Lite support
- Fixed an issue on the settings page where a specific order of events would cause iLinc to crash.

- iLinc Lite support
- Improved X10 Scene reliability performance.
- X10 dimmers in scenes are no longer slider control. Scenes with X10 dimmers are now On/Off switches as the X10 protocol does not allow iLinc to issue a specific dim/bright level to a X10 device. This also fixes a reliability issue with dimmers in scenes.
- Added the Insteon LampLinc Dimmer module.
- Added the option to edit scene names.
- Fixed an issue on the settings page where a specific order of events would cause iLinc to crash.

Version 2.0
- Real Time Insteon Device Status over WiFi and 3G/EDGE
- Automatic Find and Sync with ISY on Local WiFi
- Sync with ISY using your iPhone over 3G or EDGE
- Secure Connect to ISY over HTTPS
- Command your Devices Anywhere with WiFi, 3G, or EDGE connection
- Supports up to 1000 Insteon Devices and 1000 Scenes
- Supports X10 Devices
- Keep your Favorite Scenes on the Home Page

- Supports X10 Dimmers
- Supports up to 1000 Insteon or X10 Devices and 1000 Scenes
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