Announcing new iOS app, HS MobiLinc!

Tips and information working with and configuring HS MobiLinc for iOS. Discuss HS MobiLinc and the MobiLinc plug-in for HomeSeer products. Supported technology includes: INSTEON, X10, UPB, Z-Wave.

Announcing new iOS app, HS MobiLinc!

Postby AdminWes » Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:47 am

Mobile Integrated Solutions is proud to announce MobiLinc support for HomeSeer!

Since 2009, MobiLinc has been the choice home automation application for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and the Universal Devices ISY-99i series, SmartHome SmartLinc 2412N, and the SmartHome PowerLinc 2414 home automation controllers.

Now, Mobile Integrated Solutions brings MobiLinc's ease of use and zero configuration setup to HomeSeer in a brand new iOS app called HS MobiLinc. HS MobiLinc allows you to control all of your INSTEON, X10, UPB and Z-Wave Devices and Events right from your iOS device including receiving real-time status on all devices and events.

How does it work?
There are two components for HS MobiLinc:
1. HS MobiLinc app for iOS devices. Available now for free on the Apple App Store. ... 19172?mt=8
2. MobiLinc plug-in for HomeSeer. Available now from the HomeSeer plug-in store. ... 70C98.aspx

How do I Install HS MobiLinc?
Download and install the MobiLinc plug-in for HomeSeer. This will allow HS MobiLinc to talk to your HomeSeer setup including all devices and events.

Download HS MobiLinc from the App Store for free to your iOS device and launch HS MobiLinc. If HS MobiLinc sees the MobiLinc plug-in running in HomeSeer, HS MobiLinc will auto-connect and prompt for the username and password (default is admin/admin - changeable under the HomeSeer MobiLinc plug-in settings).

HS MobiLinc will sync with your HomeSeer configuration (HTTP/HTTPS) and now allow direct control of your Devices and Events.

Do you have Feedback?
Please post your experience with HS MobiLinc in the forums. We would like to hear from you!

Web Commercial for MobiLinc and SmartLinc:
For a quick demo of MobiLinc, check out our web commercial for MobiLinc and the SmartLinc 2412N:
NOTE: Not all features shown in the web commercial for the SmartLinc translate to MobiLinc for HomeSeer.

Supported Windows OS:
The MobiLinc plug-in operates on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
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