Connect to ISY Externally of Your Wi-Fi

Tips and information working with and configuring MobiLinc for iOS using the Universal Devices ISY 26 or 99.

Connect to ISY Externally of Your Wi-Fi

Postby AdminWes » Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:07 am

We strongly recommend using MobiLinc Connect to connect to your ISY anywhere in the world. Using MobiLinc Connect you don't need to expose your ISY or your network to the internet, nor do you need to worry about complex network settings. Currently MobiLinc Connect is available for iOS and Android devices. If interested in a direct external connection, please see the Manual Port Forward section below.

To use the MobiLinc Connect Service please follow these steps:

For Existing Users:
- Open MobiLinc HD and go to My Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type.
- Select MobiLinc Connect.
- Follow the instructions to connect your ISY to the MobiLinc Connect service and create an account.

For New Users:
- Start MobiLinc HD while your iOS or Android device is on your local network with your ISY.
- MobiLinc HD will auto-detect your ISY and pop up the MobiLinc Connect registration window.
- Follow the instructions to connect your ISY to the MobiLinc Connect service and create an account.

If you do not wish to use MobiLinc Connect and if you would like to connect directly to your ISY while outside of your network please follow these steps:

Manual Port Forward:
1. Find your external IP address by going to
2. Port forward the ISY communication port.
- Log into your router and find the page option in the router that allows you to port forward data to an internal IP address.
- Here you need to enter two pieces of information. Enter in the internal IP address that is assigned to ISY, and enter the port to forward the data on. ISY defaults to port 80 for HTTP access and port 443 for HTTPS access. The recommended practice is to use port 443 as this will be a secure connection (HTTPS).
- If your router supports an external facing port and internal facing port, set the external and internal port to 443. Some ISPs may block access to port 443. If you experience problems connecting, try setting the router's external port to 500 and the internal (ISY facing) port to 443.
3. Enter info in MobiLinc HD.
a. Open MobiLinc HD and go to the "My Settings->Lighting Controller" page.
b. Select "Host Type" and then select "ISY". Go back.
c. Select HTTPS for "Connect Method".
d. Enter the external IP address for the "Secure - https://" field from step 1.
- Be aware that most ISP's will change your external IP address from time to time. It could be daily or monthly or longer. When the external IP changes you'll have to update this field.
e. Enter "443" for the Port or "500" if you changed the external facing port setting on the router to 500 from step 2.
4. Tap the Sync button and MobiLinc HD will attempt to sync with ISY over HTTPS.
5. Once you verify you can sync with your ISY over HTTPS, you can set the Connect Method to "Auto". This allows MobiLinc HD to make the best connect decision depending if you are on your local Wi-Fi (HTTP) or if you are connected to a remote Wi-Fi access point or cellular connection (HTTPS).

One thing to note is that if ISY reboots it may be possible ISY will receive a different IP address then what is currently assigned. If that happens then your router will forward the data to the wrong internal IP address. You have two options here:
1. Re-enter the ISY IP address in the router to forward the data to the new IP address.
2. **Tell ISY to use a fixed internal IP address that doesn't change from reboot to reboot. This can be done on the Configuration page of the ISY through the ISY's Admin Console (Firmware 2.7.15 and later).
NOTE: If assigning an IP address, the IP MUST be an IP address outside of the router's DHCP IP assigment range.
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