MobiLinc HD and Keypads (KPL) Discussion

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MobiLinc HD and Keypads (KPL) Discussion

Postby AdminWes » Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:55 pm

One major feature that is new to MobiLinc HD is device control using graphics that represent the actual device. For most INSTEON gear like a switch this is straight forward. Tap On or Off just like the real switch.

For Keypad devices we wanted to provide the same look and feel as switches but allow the user to tap the sub-buttons just like if you were standing in front of the Keypad.

There is a technical difference in how Keypad sub-buttons operate from switches or load bearing devices. If you've used the ISY Java interface you know that Keypad sub-buttons cannot be controlled through a program, rather, they are controlled through scenes whereas switches or other load-controlling devices can be controlled through programs and scenes. MobiLinc HD has to follow the same rules.

The way to utilize the keypad buttons is to assign them as a scene controller. MobiLinc HD will recognize that the keypad button is controlling a scene and will drive the scene on/off/dim instead of driving the keypad button when pressed by the user in MobiLinc HD. If no scene is assigned, MobiLinc HD will display a "No Scene Associated" message. When MobiLinc HD issues the scene command the Keypad button responds by turning on or off and the graphic is updated to reflect the status of the keypad button.

This scene logic isn't just limited to keypad buttons. When running MobiLinc HD on the iPad, any device that is a scene controller, MobiLinc HD will issue the scene on/off/dim commands when tapping the switch to turn on/off/dim. This way the device doesn't get out of sync with the scene when controlling the device from MobiLinc HD.
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