Getting Started with MobiLinc and SmartLinc

s and information working with and configuring MobiLinc for iOS using the SmartLinc 2412N.

Getting Started with MobiLinc and SmartLinc

Postby AdminWes » Sat May 15, 2010 2:35 pm

MobiLinc and SmartLinc work best if both are connected to your local WiFi network. Here are the steps to get MobiLinc connected to your SmartLinc:

NOTE: For security reasons, MobiLinc requires that the SmartLinc be setup with a username and password. Please configure your SmartLinc with a username and password prior to proceeding.

1. Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to your local WiFi network with your SmartLinc device.
2. Download MobiLinc HD to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
3. Launch MobiLinc. MobiLinc will search for your local SmartLinc device.
4. If MobiLinc finds your local SmartLinc device, MobiLinc will ask for your username and password.
5. Once your enter your username and password, MobiLinc will attempt to connect to your SmartLinc and download all scenes, thermostat, and devices linked to your SmartLinc controller.
6. Once finished downloading use MobiLinc to see your devices, thermostat, and scene status as well as control your scenes, devices, and thermostat.

If this isn't the first time running MobiLinc and you want to connect MobiLinc to your SmartLinc, tap on "My Settings"->"Lighting Controller" (the Wrench icon in the lower-right corner) in MobiLinc and enter in your SmartLinc's username, password, IP address, and port information from into the "Local http://" and "Local Port" fields of MobiLinc. Once the username, password, IP, and Port information is entered, tap on "Tap to Sync with SmartLinc".

Adding new devices (including X10 Switches and Dimmers) to MobiLinc
1. Tap "My Devices". (The icon that looks like a keypad).
2. Tap the "Add Device" button in the upper right corner.
3. Enter your device address, friendly name, and module type.
4. Tap Save.

Adding additional scenes or rooms to MobiLinc
1. Use the SmartLinc web interface to create a new room and/or and link your devices to the new scene.
2. Open MobiLinc and tap "My Settings"->"Lighting Controller". (The Wrench icon in the lower-right corner of the screen).
3. Tap "Tap to Sync with SmartLinc" and select option "Update Only".
4. Once MobiLinc downloads the new scene information, go back to the main page.
5. Tap "My Scenes" (The icon that looks like a film roll) to see and control your new room and/or scene.
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