Steps to troubleshoot SmartLinc and MobiLinc Part 2

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Steps to troubleshoot SmartLinc and MobiLinc Part 2

Postby AdminWes » Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:57 am

Once MobiLinc is synced with your SmartLinc and you experience any of the following behaviors try these steps to troubleshoot your Insteon setup:

Does MobiLinc give Device Error popups during status or while issuing commands?

If this is happening in your setup, the most likely cause is MobiLinc is attempting to get status of an Insteon device that is either missing from the Insteon network or can't reliably communicate with the SmartLinc to get status back to MobiLinc.

To debug which device may be causing this problem perform the following steps:

1. Close MobiLinc. On iOS4 once you close MobiLinc it still is running (paused) as a background task. To close MobiLinc on iOS4 double tap the home button. Tap and hold the MobiLinc Icon until it shakes. Tap the "-" minus sign to close MobiLinc.
2. Open MobiLinc and navigate to My Devices. (The icon on the bottom that looks like a keypad).
3. Watch as MobiLinc gathers status for each device (on/off/percent) in your Insteon network and notice if MobiLinc skips, or repeatedly attempts to get status on a particular device. If you notice this behavior, then that device that MobiLinc is attempting status on is either not connected to your Insteon network, or is having trouble communicating with the SmartLinc.
4. If the communication problem can not be resolved with that Insteon device, tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner of device and tap the trash icon to remove this device from MobiLinc.
5. Close and restart MobiLinc. Repeat steps 2-4 to continue to troubleshoot your Insteon network.

On a successful network configuration, MobiLinc should be able to gather status at the approximate rate of one device every one or two seconds (over WiFi). Device such as the IO Linc and Thermostat takes a few extra seconds to gather all the necessary data from the device and propagate it through the SmartLinc controller.

Once all device and scene status is complete, the network busy indicator will no longer flash.
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