How To: Configure MobiLinc HD with the PowerLinc 2414

Tips and information working with and configuring MobiLinc for iOS using the PowerLinc 2414.

How To: Configure MobiLinc HD with the PowerLinc 2414

Postby AdminWes » Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:14 pm

To setup MobiLinc HD for the PowerLinc please follow these instructions:

1. Tap the settings icon (wrench) in the lower-right corner.
2. Tap "Lighting Controller"
3. Change the Host type to the PowerLinc 2414.
4. Enter you username and password (or leave blank if these wasn't setup in your SDM software).
5. Enter the IP address of the PC hosting SDM for the PowerLinc.
6. Enter the port (9020) or different port if you changed it in SDM.
7. Tap My Devices (the icon that looks like a keypad).
8. Tap "Add Device" at the top-right of the screen.
9. Enter in each of your INSTEON and X10 devices here. Repeat for each device.
10. Tap on My Scenes (the icon that looks like a film roll).
11. Tap on "Add Scene" to create a new scene. Repeat for all scenes.
12. To add devices to a scene, tap on the gear icon for that scene and tap "Edit" in the upper right corner.
13. Select all the devices and the ON level for that device.

Control the scenes and devices by tapping on the switch graphic to turn the scene or device on/off.

If you follow these steps, that will walk you through how to add devices and scenes to MobiLinc HD.
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