Really happy with one small problem

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Really happy with one small problem

Postby Jamie Dumanski » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:52 am

I installed pro to the iphone. Set it up with internal IP using wireless. All works great. I then opened the port in the router and mapped it over.

If I am outside and want to come in through the public IP, I put in a outside IP under the settings of the program that you get to through the general settings of the iphone.

When i try this, it will not work.

However, if i create a new profile and put the public IP as the IP under the ilinc settings, it does work fine.

Not a big issue since I almost always have the 802.11 turned off on the iphone, must it would be cool if it worked so when I show it off, it would be much faster.

Not sure if I made any sense, but contact me if you have more questions.
Jamie Dumanski
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Re: Really happy with one small problem

Postby AdminWes » Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:11 am

Hi Jamie,

There are two options you have to make iLinc and the SDM software work together inside or outside of your house.

1. Always use the public IP and port for the iLinc connection settings. Port forward the data to the computer running SDM. You may run into an issue here, some routers do not allow IP loopback. This means that if you are connected locally over Wi-Fi, the router MAY not allow you to address the router's public IP address. If your router does allow IP loopback then I would suggest that you only use the public IP. That way you can reach the SDM server inside or outside your house.

2. Create two profiles and set the startup page to "My Profiles." This way you can set an Internal IP profile and an External IP profile. On startup iLinc jumps to the My Profiles page and allows you to pick if you want to launch your internal IP profile or your external IP profile.

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