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How to Access your SmartLinc from Outside your Network

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2010 2:53 pm
by AdminWes
Here are the steps to access your SmartLinc from outside of your network:

NOTE: As a security caution, before configuring the router to forward MobiLinc traffic to the SmartLinc, remember to assign a User Name and Password to the SmartLinc under the SmartLinc's web configuration Authentication page.

Perform the following in MobiLinc
1. Tap "My Settings"->Lighting Controller Settings->Host Type and select "SmartLinc".
2. If MobiLinc auto-detected your SmartLinc on setup, MobiLinc will have the Internal and External IP information. Verify that the External IP and Port information is correct.
3. If the "Extern http://" or "Extern Port" information is missing enter the router's internet IP address and SmartLinc web port.
4. Select "Auto" for the "Connect Method".

NOTE: The SmartLinc ships with a default port of port 80. Most Internet Service Providers block incoming connections on port 80. We recommend logging into your SmartLinc web page and changing the default web port from port 80 to something else like port 9010 or 8080. If you change the default port, open MobiLinc and enter in the new port information for both the "Local" and "Extern" port.

Perform the following in your router
1. Log into the router's web admin page.
2. Locate the option where it allows for port forwarding.
3. Port forward TCP traffic to the SmartLinc's Internal IP address found in MobiLinc for the settings option: "Local - http://".
4. Port forward this traffic on the port found in MobiLinc for the settings option "Extern Port".

MobiLinc and the router are now configured to forward all MobiLinc requests and status updates to your SmartLinc.