Mobilinc Connect Security

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Mobilinc Connect Security

Postby Illusion » Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:22 pm

I see the statement:
As with any internet based service and mobile devices there is a risk that the mobile device is misplaced or stolen. We highly encourage MobiLinc users to take advantage of the security settings in MobiLinc under My Settings->MobiLinc Settings by turning on the "Startup Password" option. This will require someone launching MobiLinc to enter in your password before gaining access to your ISY.

If I do not have the "Startup Password" option turned on, and I loose my device, if I change the password to my ISY this would lock out the Mobilinc Connect connected device, right? Mobilinc Connect still uses the password of the ISY to access the ISY, it just does it internally within the app vs requiring user input? The ISY password is not stored on the Mobilinc Connect server is is?

Regardless, a change to my ISY password would lock out everything Mobilinc related until I updated my Mobilinc apps with the new password?
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Re: Mobilinc Connect Security

Postby AdminWes » Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:51 pm

Hi Illusion,

If you phone is stolen, please contact us directly so we can take the proper steps to protect your account.

If you remember, when you setup MobiLinc Connect and your MobiLinc Connect account, this is an account registered with us with it's own password. We do not know your ISY password. Everything is authenticated with your MobiLinc Connect account.

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