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IP Camera Plug-In for MobiLinc is Now Available!

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2012 2:53 pm
by AdminWes
We are very happy to announce that the IP Camera plug-in for all MobiLinc and Mi LightStyle apps for iOS is now available from the Apple App Store!

Need an IP Camera? Come to the MobiLinc Store:

- Over 200 IP Camera Manufacturers. See list below.
- JPEG Images.
- MJPEG Video.
- RTSP (H.264/MPEG4/Sound)
- Pan/Tilt Movement Controls.
- Invert Image and Controls Option.

Feature Overview:
- View up to 6 IP Cameras at once on the iPhone/iPod Touch and up to 12 cameras on the iPad.
- Intuitive joystick controls for easy pan/tilt movement.
- Deep integration with your devices, scenes, and programs. Tag your devices, scenes, and programs to an IP camera for direct status and control while viewing your video feed.

Getting Started:
- To get started, go to the Apple App Store and update MobiLinc to the latest version.
- Launch MobiLinc and go to My Plug-Ins to purchase and install the IP Camera Plug-In.
- Go to My Settings->IP Camera Settings to add in your cameras.

IP Camera Manufacture Support List:
3S, 3xLOGIC, 4XEM, 7Link, A-MTK, ABS, ACTi, ALLIEDE, ALinking, AVS Uriel, AVTech, Abelcam, Absolutron, Acumen, Agasio, AirLink, AirLive, AirSight, Allnet, AlphaNetworks or Variants, Apexis, Aposonic, Arecont Vision, Asante, Asoni, Astak, Avigilon, Aviosys, Aviosys YOICS, Axis, BSTI, Basler, Bewan, BiKal IP CCTV, Blue Iris, BlueJay, Bosch, Brickcom, CBC-Ganz, CNB, Canon, Cellvision, Cisco, Clairvoyant MWR, Cohu, Compro, Conceptronic, ConnectionNC, Corega, Costar, CowKey, Custom IP Camera URL, D-Link, DVTel-IOimage, Dallmeier, Dedicated Micros, Dericam, Digi-Lan, Digicom, Digitus, ENEO, Eagle Vision, Edimax, Elro, Etrovision, EverFocus, EvoCam, Eyetelligent, Eyseo, FLIR Systems, FSAN, Fine CCTV, FlexWatch, Foscam or Foscam Variant, GVI, Gadspot, Genie, Genius, GeoVision, Grand, Grandeye, Grandstream, Grandtec, Grunding, Hawking, Hunt Electronics, IBaby (iBaby), IC Realtime, iLink, INSTEK DIGITAL, IPCAM, IPUX, IPX DDK Multichannel, IQinVision, IRLAB, IVC Relay Server, Ikegami, IndigoVision, Infinova, Innovative Security Designs, Intellinet, Intellio, JCV, KARE CSST-DIT, LILIN, LUXONVIDEO, Launch, Laview, LevelOne, LinkPro, Linksys, Linudix, LogiLink, Logitec, LongShine, Lorex, Lumenera, MC Electronics, MESSOA, Marmitek, MaxVideo, Merit LiLin, Micro Digital, Micronet, Microseven, Mobotix, Moxa, MultiPix, NetMedia, NeuFusion, Onix, OpenEye, Ovislink, PRIME, Panasonic, Pixord, Planet, Plustek, Q-See, QNAP Security, Quimz, Repotec, SKJM, LLC, Samsung, Sanan, Sanyo, Scallop Imaging, SecuritySpy, Sentry, Sertek, SetEye, Seyeon Tech, Sharx, Siemens, Siqura, Sitecom, SmartIndustry, Smarthome, Sony, Sparklan, Speco, StarDot, StarVedia, Super Circuits, Swann, TCLINK, TP-Link, Tenvis, Topica, Trendnet, Trendware, Truen, Trust, UDP Technology, Ubiquiti, VISTA, VITEK, Veo, Verint, Vgsion, Vicon, VideoIQ, Videolarm, Vilar, VisionDigi, Visionhitech Americas, Visionite, Visonic, Vivotek, Vstarcam, Wansview, WebcamXP, Weldex, WowWee, Y-cam, Yudor, Zaapa, Zavio, Zonet

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