Getting Started with the IP Camera Plug-In

IP Camera support comes to MobiLinc!

Getting Started with the IP Camera Plug-In

Postby AdminWes » Sat May 19, 2012 3:14 pm

**These instructions are for the IP Camera plug-in found in MobiLinc Pro/HD/OML and the Mi LightStyle apps for iOS devices.

For a video walkthrough of setting up the MobiLinc Cam Viewer app (detailed settings also applies to MobiLinc IP Camera plug-in) see:

Getting Started:
- To get started, go to the Apple App Store and update MobiLinc to the latest version.
- Launch MobiLinc and go to My Plug-Ins to purchase and install the IP Camera Plug-In.

For MobiLinc on the iPhone:
- Slide the screen to the right and select "Cameras".
- Tap the "+" button or slide the screen to the left and tap "Add".

For MobiLinc HD/OML on the iPad:
- Go to My Settings->IP Camera Settings to add in your cameras.

Configure Your Camera:
- Enter in all your camera setting under My Settings->IP Camera Settings.
- Tap "Next" or "Tap to Confirm and Save Camera".
- MobiLinc will then walk through and attempt to auto-detect the JPEG and MJPEG settings of your camera if we have known profiles for these settings for your manufacturer.
- Once JPEG and MJPEG Profiles are auto-discovered and confirmed, MobiLinc will allow you to choose from known Pan/Tilt profiles used by your manufacturer if Pan/Tilt profiles are known for your manufacturer. If your camera does not support Pan/Tilt, select "Do Not Use" from the Profile Button options.
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