Troubleshooting your Camera and the IP Camera plug-in

IP Camera support comes to MobiLinc!

Troubleshooting your Camera and the IP Camera plug-in

Postby AdminWes » Sat May 19, 2012 3:22 pm

The most common problem establishing communication to your camera is incorrect settings. Please double-check your settings by using Safari on your iOS device to log into your camera to verify that your iOS device can see and reach your IP Camera using the provided settings.

Other troubleshooting suggestions:
- If using a dynamic IP Address, verify that the IP address field is all lowercase.
- Verify that your IP Camera is running the latest firmware from your manufacturer.
- Reboot your IP Camera.
- Verify you can reach your camera using Safari on your iOS device.
- Try all the profile options given for JPEG, MJPEG, RTSP, or Pan/Tilt settings. If one doesn't work, try every profile option.
- Verify your camera supports JPEG, MJPEG, or RTSP (H.264 or MPEG4) video.
- Verify that you have enter in the camera's username and password for the camera settings.
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