Updating Variables

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Updating Variables

Postby ryanwagner » Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:27 pm

This is awesome. The one capability that I really need out of this is the ability to update variable values (or at least execute an ISY program that I can have update the values for me). The reason the variables are so important is that I want to use this to monitor my home/away status based on whether my phone is connected to my home WiFi network. I want to set a variable to do this so that when the ISY notices that the variable has changed it will execute multiple home/away routines. This prevents me from having to set up up multiple Tasker requests to do things like turn all the lights off, adjust the thermostat, etc...

Right now I'm accomplishing this in a sort of hacked way. Since Tasker doesn't support self-signed certificates for HTTPS GET requests (it will throw an error) I figured out a workaround that I'm able to do since my phone is rooted. Using cURL for Android I was able to put cURL on my phone, and run a shell script in Tasker that calls cURL with the "--insecure" flag to ignore the self-signed certificate trust error. Definitely not as user friendly as a Mobilinc plugin would be, but it is getting me by until this plugin makes its way into my hands!

I guess being able to query/check the value of a device or variable would also be useful, but I'd be happy with just being able to push requests to update the current state of the device/variable.

I'm up for testing it out if needed. Just let me know.
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