MobiLinc v2.0.0

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MobiLinc v2.0.0

Postby Generalf » Sun Jun 22, 2014 6:22 am

Well, I am kind of disappointed about the new, overhauled UI. :cry:
I was waiting more than a year after my initial purchase until the new SW was released recently.
MobiLinc got some new feature, yes but what you see is still the same old table style UI with small icons. It bis just not appealing if if you want to use this app as a dedicated UI in your house.

In the old version, you had at least different backgrounds to choose but in the new release it is just the bright white background which is screaming at you in the middle of the night. Or ... I havent found the settings for it.?!

A little icon on the left and a wriiten status right next to it with an additional slider below is just a little bit to much of showing the device current status. Yes, i can click the icon to change the status immediately but I can not slide the slider to change the brightness a little bit. Instead I have to go into another submenue with all different options. FastOn, FastOff, Brighten... And of course the slider which can now be used to dim, brighten the light. Why not just using the slider which is currently only used for displaying the status?
I also would love to see a value which is changing immediately when using the slider so i know when I have reached my desired value and when to release the button ... At the moment you use tyhe slider and you are guessing if it is at 25% or 33%... You might think 33% is close enough... but not for me.

I am so sorry not to do a 360 or a jumping jack but waiting for so looooong for the new release and then getting "this" is just a disappointment for me.
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