MobiLinc Pro for Android with ISY994i and SSL

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MobiLinc Pro for Android with ISY994i and SSL

Postby jay5 » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:59 pm

I am enraged at the moment but I will try to keep my post constructive.

MobiLinc Pro for Android DOES NOT WORK AT ALL with SSL certificates and I want it fixed in code. I dont want to be told its an issue with Android as EVERY OTHER APP IN THE FREAKING STORE uses SSL based encryption without issue.

I tried self signed, I tried that with name and IP
I tried creating my own CA with both Microsoft and OpenSSL
I finally broke down and spent the money on a SSL Certificate from Comodo and guess what?

STILL doesnt work, while the iOS version keeps humming along without any issues.

Before you post back that the android browser doesn't work either, WRONG, every option I have tried today I was able to get the Chrome browser built into Android to accept the cert the ISY is using without a warning. This is REALLY your problem 1000%.

I know you are trying to make money on your remote gateway but the idea you are not willing to fix this. I happen to know enough to do my port forwarding and create SSL certificates. Your service is great for non IT folks, but your product should work and the fact you want to spend no time fixing it really upsets me.

While we are on the topic of Android why do you neglect us? I mean I get you can not improve both at the same time but my wifes iPhone client looks great and I am still rocking the old blue interface.

I know I sound trollish, sorry but I wasted an entire day of my time trying to make this work as well the cost of a SSL certificate and I have nothing to show for it. Lets call it even.
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Re: MobiLinc Pro for Android with ISY994i and SSL

Postby AdminWes » Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:24 pm


I'm sorry you had to waste all that time on SSL today!

Something you might not know, but could be playing into the issues you were seeing is the key strength of the SSL cert. If you use a key strength larger than 512 bits, then you will start to see large connection delays between third party clients like MobiLinc and the ISY. The larger the SSL key, the longer it takes the ISY to handshake with MobiLinc.

In our testing 2048 bit keys can take close to 30 seconds to handshake with the ISY. MobiLinc for iOS is able to handle this really long delay, but MobiLinc for Android is not able to for various technical reasons.

For those that are interested in replacing the SSL cert with the ISY, we only recommend 512 bit to keep the handshake delay at a reasonable time, OR, use our MobiLinc Connect service which uses industry standard encryption/authentication and achieve fast connection performance.

We support both our MobiLinc Connect service users and those that still want to connect via a direct IP. We have no plans on changing this support and will fully support HTTP/HTTPS connections via MobiLinc and the ISY.

If you change your key back to 512 bits, are able to connect via HTTPS on your Android browser, but are still unable to connect via MobiLinc, please email our support email at: and we'll keep digging in to see what's happening.

Also, to address your MobiLinc/Android comments, we just released a major overhaul to the MobiLinc/Android UI to bring it more in line with Android 4.x design patterns. The two apps aren't intended to look identical, rather, we want to craft our MobiLinc apps to fit on the platform they are operating. The means support for the very powerful Tasker 3rd party app on Android where iOS is unable to match in terms of open functionality.

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