How To: Change the Port number of SDM and MobiLinc

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How To: Change the Port number of SDM and MobiLinc

Postby AdminWes » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:46 am

SDM is installed with the default port number "9020". Follow these steps to change the default port number:

On the Windows-based PC running SDM:
- Open the Windows Registry Editor.
- Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Smarthome\SmarthomeDeviceManager
- Locate the key titled: "httpport". If "httpport" is missing, create this string value by right-click->New->StringValue.
- Type in the new HTTP Port number for the value of "httpport".
- Restart SDM.

On the iPod Touch or iPhone:
- From the iPod Touch or iPhone's home sceen click on "Settings".
- Scroll down to MobiLinc Lite or MobiLinc Pro settings and select.
- Enter the same Port number from above into the Port field of MobiLinc.

Note: If the SDM server is behind a firewall or router, remember to forward the new port to the SDM server to continue to use MobiLinc outside of the wireless network.
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