Can no longer sync or use Mobilinc HD on iPod Touc

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Can no longer sync or use Mobilinc HD on iPod Touc

Postby waynew » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:49 pm

ISY 3.2.6

When Mobilinc is opened there are no favorites or devices and I'm prompted with the following message:

Network Error
There was a problem sending the request.
please verify the connection settings in My Settings and try again.
Error code: 200.
Error Message: The request timed out.

I checked the settings and everything seems fine, nothing changed recently.
Looking at the firewall log it appears that Mobilinc is making some contact with ISY.
IP addresses are all correct.
I tried changing the password in Mobilinc to an incorrect password to see if it prompted my
to enter the correct one, but it didn't.

Not sure where to go from here.

Your help appreciated. Thanks Wayne
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Re: Can no longer sync or use Mobilinc HD on iPod Touc

Postby AdminWes » Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:17 am

Hi Wayne,

Are you using MobiLinc Connect our cloud based service for the ISY? If not, then any error you get is almost always due to a mismatch in settings....or the iPod is on a neighbors Wi-Fi network and the external address isn't configured.

A couple of options to troubleshoot:
1. I would recommend setting up and using MobiLinc Connect. You don't have to worry about settings with MobiLinc Connect. As long as your iPod and ISY can both see the internet, then they can talk to each other meeting in our cloud servers.
2. Create a new profile in MobiLinc under My Settings->Active Profile. If the iPod can "see" your ISY it'll popup with a prompt for the username and password.
3. Double-Check your current settings against your ISY and verify your iPod is on your Wi-Fi network and can browse to your favorite websites:
- IP
- Port
- Username
- Password

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