Move IP camera prefs when copying settings

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Move IP camera prefs when copying settings

Postby Jruglio » Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:51 pm

I use the Copy Settings feature in MobiLinc HD quite a bit between my iPhone and iPads. This is a very helpful feature, but it does not transfer the IP camera settings. Users need to re-enter that data again. very frustrating. Seems like a simple feature to add.

ALSO: It would be nice to have the following:

-Ability to create/modify programs
-Capability to see link table and troubleshoot as you would from the Java admin
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Re: Move IP camera prefs when copying settings

Postby AdminWes » Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:49 am

Hi Jruglio,

There was a bug in the 3.12.00 version of MobiLinc that prevented the camera settings from writing properly to the DB. Please make sure you are running 3.13.00 or later of MobiLinc. After you upgrade you'll have to re-enter your IP camera settings one last time to get them to save correctly to the database.

Just to set your expectations, we've looked at, but have no current plans to implement a general program editor for MobiLinc. It is quite complex and would be duplicated with the Admin Console. Also, the interface of the iPad isn't well suited for this kind of general program construction. Instead, we've opted to define common use cases like timers, and motion activated scenes and devices and offer these specific program functionality through our Resource Manager plug-in where we can offer a user interface that makes setting up these features very easy. We are looking at expanding Resource Manager to include more common use cases for ISY programs.

Advanced troubleshooting features like the link table is possible. We have this on our feature request list.

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