MobiLinc HD and Insteon Thermostat

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MobiLinc HD and Insteon Thermostat

Postby Baja » Thu May 02, 2013 7:04 am

I just installed an Insteon thermostat (2441TH). There seem to be several features and functionality missing when I look at my thermostat using MobiLinc HD. For instance, it doesn't display Time of Day mode (wake, leave, return, sleep) and I don't see a way to set the HOLD button using MobiLinc HD. Is there a way to display this information using MobiLinc HD? If not, is that something you would consider adding in the future?
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Re: MobiLinc HD and Insteon Thermostat

Postby AdminWes » Thu May 02, 2013 2:22 pm

Hi Baja,

There are limits as to what we're able to show/interact with these thermostats. Take a look at the Admin Console's interface to the thermostat and you'll see that these features aren't there either.

The problem is the INSTEON communication path from/to the thermostat has a subset of the total thermostat features implemented. My recommendation would be to contact the INSTEON folks and let them know how you want to use their thermostat. They would have to build in support for this in the INSTEON protocol to enable that level of interaction.

Hopefully this helps and makes sense as to why you are seeing what you are seeing in MobiLinc HD/Admin Console.

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