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New to Voice Control

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:43 pm
by Kentinada
I just purchased the Voice Control module to use from my iPad and/or iPhone. I have an IOLinc on my garage door opener. There are 2 devices associated with it: a Relay and a Sensor. Touching the Sensor device in Mobilinc does nothing. To operate the door, I have to touch the Relay device twice. So if it is a state of On, I have to touch the device and it changes to Off but the door doesn't go up. I touch it again and put it back to On, and the door goes up. So the device state is back where it was but the door position is changed. Does that make sense? Do you understand what I'm describing? I want to be able to set a custom status or command name (I'm not sure which) to be able to tell Mobilinc with a voice command "Open garage door" or "Close garage door". Can you help?

Re: New to Voice Control

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:16 pm
by AdminWes
Hi Kentinada,

I'd recommend going about this differently.

The IO Linc won't work how you want it to work with direct device commands. Instead create a scene with the Relay as a responder. If you tell the scene to turn ON, the relay should respond by closing the latch. Telling the scene to turn ON again should again tell the relay to close the latch (assuming it's in momentary mode for the garage).

Then once that works, set a voice command for the scene and clear out all other commands for that scene except for the ON Command. That should get you a little closer (I think) to what you are looking for.