I/O Linc and ApplianceLinc for status updates

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I/O Linc and ApplianceLinc for status updates

Postby JimmyT » Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:49 am

I recently purchased an I/O Linc garage door kit and connected to my existing SmartLinc 2412N. I was having a problem getting correct status updates over the web interface. After researching it further, I realized I needed to install an additional device to act as the responder to properly transmit the status (a limitation of the 2412N). I linked an ApplianceLinc to the I/O Linc and I am now receiving correct status updates and can properly control the garage door over the web. However, using MobiLinc Pro for Android, the addition of the ApplianceLinc does not seem to be transmitting the correct status - it seems it is still only recognizing the incorrect status transmitted by the I/O Linc. I tried to re-synch MobiLinc Pro, but it does not seem to be working. Is there a way to delete (not hide) the device so I can start from scratch, without wiping out all my other settings for other devices? Or is there another way to properly correct this problem. Thank you...

PS - Love the new update that includes the fix to hide actions when they are blank. It has really helped cleanup the interface.
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Re: I/O Linc and ApplianceLinc for status updates

Postby AdminWes » Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:07 am

Hi JimmyT,

We do not recommend adding in the additional INSTEON device to gather status. This is a work around for the SmartLinc Scene functionality. For MobiLinc we recommend that you use the I/O Linc under My Devices for command and status of the switch and sensor of the I/O Linc.

Since your I/O Linc is linked to your SmartLinc you should see the Sensor and Switch of the I/O Linc under My Devices. You can delete these devices by pressing and holding the device and selecting "Delete This Device" from the menu. To add back in your I/O Linc, tap the "+" button in the upper left corner and enter in your I/O Linc details remembering to select I/O Linc from the Device type menu.

Now, since the SmartLinc does not transmit device or scene status to 3rd party clients (3rd part clients must poll for device changes) if you go into the device details of the I/O Linc switch or sensor, you'll see MobiLinc poll for status on the device.

Go to the Switch part of the I/O Linc and issue the command to open your garage door. Go back to My Devices and select the Sensor part of the I/O Linc. MobiLinc will ask for status of the Sensor and show that your Garage door is now open. Select the Switch and close your garage door. Go back to the Sensor and dive into the details of the Sensor to see MobiLinc poll for status and show that the Garage Door is now closed.

Hopefully that helps bridge what MobiLinc is doing to get around some of the SmartLinc limitations on real-time status updates.

If you are interested in an INSTEON controller that is capable of real-time device status notification and offers quite a bit more features and functionality, our recommendation is to upgrade your SmartLinc to the ISY-99i.

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