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Future Requests

Postby stumbling.sober » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:28 am

First of all, I would like to thank you for this very well made app! I have a few requests for future release:

1. Copy Profile. I have a local and a remote profile set up for the same ISY, one to control lights while on my home Wi-Fi and the other while I am on remote network. When creating a new profile, all settings are reset to default but I would like to retain those favorites, icons, page settings as before.

2. More Icons. Many of my scenes are defined by function, either by controlling a light, valve, fan, etc.I prefer that my devices be representative of the device itself: keypad, switch, dimmer, outlet, in-wall relay, motion sensor, light sensor, battery low warning, etc. When looking at a device/scene query, it is very useful for me to look at the icons rather than reading the somewhat cryptic titles I have for devices. I would like to see icons for Recessed Lights, Chandeliers, Pathway Lights, Low Battery warning, Ambient Light Sensor, Keypad, Light Switch (Non-Dimmer), and In-wall Relay. Even better (but not easily implemented) would be a way for users to add their own icons.

3. Removing headers from Favorites Page. I would like the ability to remove the entire Devices section from my favorites page (Or Scenes or Programs). This would only be for cosmetic purposes so it no longer shows an empty header with "No Favorite [Scene/Device/Program] Detected".

4. The ability to pre-define an action when you click on a Program Icon from the Favorites Page. Maybe it's just me but my program names (especially for program groups with multiple subroutines) are pretty cryptic because the title defines actions not necessarily related to its overall purpose, due to it not necessarily being intended to be ran manually but upon a complex set of conditions...yeah, my home automation is pretty excessive. So I have easy-to-understand-the-title programs that I have added to favorites to kick-start a program group. Long story short, I will only ever run the THEN statement, but each time I click on the program icon, I have to choose it from a list of all program options. I would like to have an advanced options feature to pick and choose which commands I would like, and if that happens to be only one option, I would prefer it run that command directly.
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Re: Future Requests

Postby AdminWes » Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:35 am

Hi stumbling.sober,

1. Our recommendation would be to use one profile for this. Each profile gives you local and remote access to the same ISY in the same profile. For remote, please setup the Secure https and Secure Port information.

2. We are always looking for more icon suggestions. The real device icons we've found do not work well on the smaller screen. We've implemented something similar with real device pictures SwitchLincs/KPL/Motion/etc in MobiLinc HD for the iPad where we have a larger screen to work with. The smaller screens do not lend themselves well to showing this kind of detail.

3. Please update to 1.1.5. In the latest release we've added this option to customize MobiLinc like this under My Settings->Customize MobiLinc Layouts.

4. Thanks for the feedback on Favorites and programs. We'll add it to the feature suggestion list. MobiLinc for iOS does this currently.

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