UI for a dedicated touchscreen controller

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Re: UI for a dedicated touchscreen controller

Postby jeffl012 » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:19 am

I'm also a business owner and definitely agree with the ROI aspect of building a product. That is why I'd be lobbing hard with UDI, SmartHome/Insteon, etc to support your efforts and help you market better or even subsidize your development. Without your product, their hardware is going noplace. With Z wave hardware, controllers, software, and overall popularity growing quickly, I'd be concerned about the future of Insteon. Insteon is a more reliable technology and is comparable in price, but the focused marketing isn't where it needs to be. Now is the time to push. I'm a beleiver and heavy user of Insteon and Mobilinc (with Android), these products have an opportunity to go mainstream with the right partnerships and marketing. I hope that comes to fruition for the sake of the platform and a better overall technology.
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Re: UI for a dedicated touchscreen controller

Postby AdminWes » Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:39 am

Hi jeffI012,

Thank you for your comments. We are actively engaged in many aspects of your response. None of which can I comments on publicly, but know that these kinds of discussions are ongoing.

UDI's inclusion of Z-Wave was very much welcomed. INSTEON is a great technology, but Z-Wave seems to be gaining deeper market penetration due to the openness of the Z-Wave ecosystem.

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Re: UI for a dedicated touchscreen controller

Postby btreinders » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:54 pm

AdminWes wrote:mwareman,

Thank you for the passionate response! I fully understand your need for a dedicated Android tablet app for home automation. If you'd like to fund our development directly, let's talk :)

All joking aside, yes, there are basically two ways to look at markets, the "shipped" number of units in a market and actual usage. We look at both. We've been doing this for 5+ years and what we've seen over those 5 years is the reports on how people actually use their devices is a much more accurate picture and predictability of ROI than just shipped units. I'm not an expert on the why, but my guess is that tablet platforms that get used more have a better chance at generating app revenue from engaged users.

To clarify your comment about the 23%, it's not that we don't care about that 23%, I deeply care about all our users or potential users. The problem we face as an independent software house whose revenue solely comes from app purchases is that 23% wouldn't even come close to covering our development costs to build a HD app for Android tablets. I'd personally love to build HD for Android tablets, but all of our 5+ years of experience and usage reports says that would be a negative ROI at this point in time.

If you want to take this conversation further, send me an email to support@mobilinc.com


Should we take a vote? How about starting a thread that people can vote for better Android support? Versus people who already own iPhone versions. +1 for me, if you had equal apps I would def buy more Android versions. Widgets alone make Android the clear winner in HA to me. With the current state of the Android app I'd rather use Tasker to control my ISY which takes a lot more time to set up than Mobilinc.
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