How to Install the MobiLinc for Android Beta 0.5.0

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How to Install the MobiLinc for Android Beta 0.5.0

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Please follow these instructions to install MobiLinc for Android Beta 0.5.0

Setup your Android Device
1. On your Android Device go to Settings->Applications and verify that the option "Unknown sources" is checked to allow Non-Market apps to operate.
2. Download "Barcode Scanner" from the Android Market - Free
3. Download "Astro File Manager" from the Android Market - Free

Download and Install MobiLinc for Android Beta
1. Download version 0.5.0 here:
or using "Barcode Scanner" from the Android Market, scan and download version 0.5.0 from this QR Code.
2. Once the download is complete, Android may ask to install the app through the notification interface. Install it.
3. If the notification doesn’t work, launch the Astro File Manager and navigate to the “Downloads” folder. Tap on the MobiLinc APK file to install it.
4. If downloaded to a PC, copy the APK file to a SD Card and insert into the Android device. (You may need to rename the download to .apk
5. Using Astro File Manager, navigate to the APK file and install it.

Launch MobiLinc for Android Beta
1. Once installed, launch MobiLinc for Android by tapping on the MobiLinc Icon from the Apps Page.
2. Upon startup MobiLinc will search your network for any ISY devices attached. If found, MobiLinc will ask for your ISY's username and password. If your ISY isn't found or you are connected via cellular, go to My Settings to configure your ISY network settings. Tap Sync to complete the network settings.
3. Once synced, start controlling your devices, scenes, and programs!

Known Issues with this Release
- Thermostats not Supported
- Weather not Supported
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