Sunrise/Sunset Calculations and Controller RTC set and read

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Sunrise/Sunset Calculations and Controller RTC set and read

Postby ilincandy » Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:50 pm

New Features (two parts) for iLinc Pro

1. Set and read the PowerLinc real time clock time and date from iLinc Pro.

2. Calculate the sunrise and sunset times to tell the iphone/ipod user when to turn on/off the lights while traveling.
You can calculate the sunrise, sunset, twilight, moonrise, moonset and twilight times for any location if you know the longitude and latitude of the home location.
Ref Link:
Compute the sunrise and sunset by the real time clock in the PowerLinc and by the formula from the link above. Just send them an email.
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Update: 3/8/09 By typing help under SDM new "hidden" commands show up.
The command "setStateCity=<state>,<city>" - sets the LAT/LONG based on state and city ---->This will set the lat/long for the city/state.
Commands Getsunrise /Getsunset will generate today's sunrise and sunset times.
It would be nice if iLinc Pro could read these times on the iphone/ipod - How about it?
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