Enabling Internet Access to ISY

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Enabling Internet Access to ISY

Postby toomuchhype » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:13 pm


I am attempting to use the Mobilinc Connect service in order to better connect to my in-home Foscam/Insteon cameras. I am suspecting that the port forwarding I need to do is stopping the camera access when away from the home.

I have many insteon devices, and have been an ISY user for years. I have port forwarding working great and able to connect to ISY via the Mobilinc Pro app on my phone consistently.

In order to add the Mobilinc Connect, it states I need internet access. My ISY has never had internet access enabled, largely because it would never work. I have tried to follow the instructions to create/import certificates via the ISY dashboard but still no luck.

Is there additional documentation/instructions/troubleshooting I can do?
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Re: Enabling Internet Access to ISY

Postby AdminWes » Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:10 am

Hi toomuchhype,

MobiLinc Connect is a service for the ISY controller and adds the following features:

- Dead easy anywhere access for MobiLinc apps and access via the Admin Console
- Full Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Google Assistant integration
- IFTTT Maker support
- Rich Push notification support for iOS devices
- Today View widget support for iOS devices

The ISY just needs to be plugged into your router with the MobiLinc Portal installed. The "Internet Access" feature of the ISY should remain off. This is a UPnP configuration option that I do NOT recommend as it will expose your ISY to the outside world if your router supports this.

For remote camera access, you'll need to port forward your cameras through your router. If you need help with this, please send us the following to: support@mobilinc.com:

- Screenshot of your camera’s settings page. You can take a screenshot on iOS devices by pressing the top power button and the bottom home button at the same time.

IP Camera Tool:
- Screenshot of your IP Camera discovery tool running on your PC or MAC showing your discovered IP Camera.
- A screenshot of your IP Camera in a web browser showing the camera’s address when you are connected from a PC/MAC.

The results of going to: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=what+is+my+ip
Or your external DNS address.

Finally, please provide a screenshot of your router’s port forward page showing the routing to your camera.

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