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Recommended Cameras

Postby jnaiser60 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:40 pm

I do understand what cameras you are supporting.....
But now after buying a few and returning a few for various problems, including the Smarthomes one and the Foscam......

Can we get straight to it and can you tell me which Pan tilt camera works as its supposed to... Don't know what the problem is, as they all work fine with my ekey pro.

I really do like your gui, but understand the the automation group is pretty tight. You shouldn't beta test on people who haven't volunteered.
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Re: Recommended Cameras

Postby AdminWes » Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:14 am


We ran an extensive beta test that included many models of Foscam including the Smarthome camera and many other IP camera models. Pan/Tilt controls work great in MobiLinc for Foscam/Smarthome (we use Foscam primarily in our lab since these cams are so popular).

When you setup your Foscam camera and walked through the setup steps, were you able to see JPEG and MJPEG images? If so, the last step would be Pan/Tilt setup. Each step along the way the plug-in gives you options to pick from known alternative profiles for the manufacturer. For Pan/Tilt controls there are a couple of profiles to pick from for Foscam. Each profile has different left/right or up/down behavior depending on the model camera.

Also, you have the choice to flip or mirror the image and/or controls depending if your camera is mounted upside down or if the camera's image/controls are mirrored or flipped inside of the camera.

Can you be more specific as to the issue you ran into with Pan/Tilt? We are happy to assist to get it up and working as you'd expect.

If you'd prefer, you can contact us as with more details.

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