AXIS P3346-VE H.264 support

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AXIS P3346-VE H.264 support

Postby kevinjutas » Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:14 pm

Hi, i'm in the process of acquiring some ip cameras and I would like to know if during your beta testing if any of the beta users used an Axis h.264 ip camera. The model i'm looking into is the P3346-VE. There is mention on Axis's documentation stating that their MPG4 h.264 stream is licensed and only includes one client license. Not sure how this factors into rtsp streams and if there are any special decoders required for the axis streams.

I have several ios devices that connect to my house via mobilinc and need to ensure that they can all view the stream and that it will decode properly.

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Re: AXIS P3346-VE H.264 support

Postby AdminWes » Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:49 am

Hi Kevin,

Yes, one of our cameras we test with is an Axis camera that supports, JPEG, MJPEG, and RTSP. Seems to work great with our profiles we have included in MobiLinc.

For Axis cameras we have 3 different profiles for RTSP connections. For your model, RTSP Profile 3 should work for you.

As far as multiple streams go, our test Axis camera supports multiple RTSP connected clients. My assumption is that this would apply to your model as well, but can't say 100% for sure that is true without trying it.

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