Tested / Recommended DVR

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Tested / Recommended DVR

Postby jallen421 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:58 am

Mobilinc and camera noob here looking for recommendation of a DVR solution to connect 2 hardwired security cameras with additional IP cameras to have both a DVR system and have all the cameras visible in Mobilinc.

#1 priority would be connecting the 2 hardwired cameras to a recording system that Mobilinc could also connect to and expose the real time feed for the cameras.

#2 priority would be connecting IP cameras to the DVR for recording, and then connecting Mobilinc either to the DVR or to the cameras directly for real time view.

I am starting from scratch - only thing installed is the prewiring, so would like to just use what is known to work. Have seen mention of DVR in the posts, but no specifics.

Any input appreciated.

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Re: Tested / Recommended DVR

Postby AdminWes » Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:27 pm

Hi John,

I can't recommend anything specific...but when you are looking for DVRs make sure to find one that supports either:

RTSP (preferred) or MJPEG as well as a JPEG capture option.

This will give you the best flexibility to operate with MobiLinc. If you have one in mind, let me know and we'll see if it's one we've test on before or if it looks do-able to support.

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