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Zavio IP Cam

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:46 am
by gspitale
I posted earlier about issues with an Insteon IP Cam, but after looking at the lack of firmware support and a few other issues I decided to return it and get a Zavio camera.

Camera: Zavio F3115 HD
Local network: wired and wireless
Local computer: PC (wired) and Mac (wireless)
iOS mobile apps: IP Cam plug in for Mobilinc HD, MobiLincCam; all mobile devices on the same wireless network as the Mac

Using the Mac and the PC, I can get very good quality sound and video stream from the camera with the camera connect to either wired or wireless network.

Using the Mobilinc HD plug in and MoviLincCam, I get the same results: setup the camera, and the JPEG camera setup page is "successful", but neither MJPEG or RTSP setup will work.

The camera video profile settings are:
Encoding: H264
Resolution: 1280x800
Max frame rate: 30 fps
Quality: "Detailed", Max Bit Rate "Off"
Audio: On

I've tried other camera profile settings also:
Encoding: MJPEG
Resolution: various down to 160x120
Quality: down to "standard"

All camera settings I can see video and hear audio on the PC and the Mac, but only JPEG will work on the mobile devices.

Suggestions/help on what to try?

Re: Zavio IP Cam

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:18 pm
by AdminWes

I'll likely need to connect to your camera to investigate support for it. Is the RTSP address listed in the manual? It'll look something like: rtsp://ip_address:554/path/to/feed

If you can't find the RTSP path, please send the following to

- External IP address
- Web Port and RTSP Port
- Username/Password

We’ll connect from our lab and verify the MobiLinc settings you need or we’ll attempt to add support for your camera model into MobiLinc.