Insteon HD indoor camera No Connection

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Insteon HD indoor camera No Connection

Postby Thorracing01 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:59 am

So I recently purchased two Insteon HD indoor cameras. I was trying to add them to the Mobilinc HD app on my Ipad. I go through the add process then when I go to "tap to confirm and save camera", no profile is able to connect to the camera. I have tried using "Camera Type" Smarthome/Insteon and Foscam or Foscam Variant. Not sure what I could be doing wrong. The iPad and camera is on the same wireless network. If I use the IP Camera Tool I can view and adjust the camera.

Please help get my cameras set up.

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Re: Insteon HD indoor camera No Connection

Postby AdminWes » Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:36 am

Hi Thorracing01,

To assist and attempt to pinpoint the issue, please send the following to

- Screenshot of your camera’s settings page. You can take a screenshot of iOS devices by pressing the top power button and the bottom home button at the same time.

IP Camera Tool:
- Screenshot of your IP Camera discovery tool running on your PC or MAC showing your discovered IP Camera.
- A screenshot of your IP Camera in a web browser showing the camera’s address when you are connected from a PC/MAC.

The results of going to
Or your external DNS address.

Finally, please provide a screenshot of your router’s port forward page showing the routing to your camera.

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