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Toggle a switch with Tasker

PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:26 pm
by rudedog830
Is there a way to toggle a switch on Mobilinc via Tasker without creating a program? What I'd like to do is toggle the switch On if it is currently Off and vice versa. The only options that are available via the Tasker plugin are the standard On, Off, Dim, Brighten, Fast On, and Fast Off.

Re: Toggle a switch with Tasker

PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:20 am
by AdminWes

Toggle would need an ISY program to accomplish. In order for toggle to work without a program, the current status of that device would need to be routed to Tasker somehow. Status support for Tasker has not been implemented yet in MobiLinc.