Sprinkler "ON for XX Minutes"

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Sprinkler "ON for XX Minutes"

Postby kyeck » Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:28 am

I would love to have an additional option in the Control Device group for an individual sprinkler valve to turn it on for a set period of time.

I have programs set in my ISY99 to water at set times, but occasionally I need to water independently. I can turn the sprinklers on, but have to keep track of how long they've been on and remember to turn them off.

It would be great if an "ON for 5 Minutes" (or an option to specify the duration - eg. 5, 10, 15 minutes) could be added to the Control Device group and the application would set an internal timer to turn it off when the timer reaches the duration (or when the timer times out).

Hope that makes sense and can be accommodated in a future release.

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Re: Sprinkler "ON for XX Minutes"

Postby AdminWes » Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:08 am

Hi kyeck,

Thanks for the feature suggestion. The tough part about this is that either the iOS device has to be on for that timer to fire and issue the off command, or MobiLinc has to write out the program to the ISY to do the temp timer.

Both are possible and both have drawbacks to making this reliable and predictable.

Ideally you'd like to set it and forget it, meaning close MobiLinc and do something else. That means that the program would have to live in the ISY which poses reuse issues. The ISY doesn't have a concept of single use and delete. Each time you'd want to do this there would be a program written out to the ISY. Then there's the clean up aspect to make sure that these dead programs get deleted by MobiLinc at some point.

I believe that something l Ike this is possible, but would require quite a bit of work to make it all fit together and work smoothly like you'd expect.

We'll keep this in mind and see if there is a simpler way to implement something like this.

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