Conflict with OPPO Media Control app

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Conflict with OPPO Media Control app

Postby dspade » Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:29 pm

I use the OPPO app to control my OPPO Blu-Ray player. When the app is resident Mobilinc cannot connect to the ISY via WIFI. Other apps like JRemote and DeRemote that also use WIFI do not cause the problem.

If I stop the OPPO app I then need to stop and restart Mobilinc and than all is good. Start the OPPO app and Mobilinc looses control. It is a nuisance. Any idea why the clash?
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Re: Conflict with OPPO Media Control app

Postby AdminWes » Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:22 am

Hi dspade,

I strongly suspect the OPPO app isn't releasing the UPnP port of 1900 when not in use. We've gone to great lengths to only use and bind to port 1900 when MobiLinc needs to auto-detect the ISY on UPnP. If another app binds to port 1900 and doesn't release it when not in use, this will prevent MobiLinc from being able to see your ISY on your local network and will force MobiLinc to use your external IP path.

I would recommend that you contact the OPPO app folks and report that their app isn't releasing port 1900 when not in use causing conflicts with other active apps that need that shared resource.

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