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Report MobiLinc Device Numbers Here!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:06 am
by AdminWes
MobiLinc supports a large number of devices, but not every possible device is supported under the current release. If MobiLinc detects a device it doesn't recognize, MobiLinc will apply the default switch profile to the device (On/Off/Fast On/Fast Off). MobiLinc will report it's device number instead of the more friendly name like "SwitchLinc". You can find the device number if you tap the device under "My Devices" and scroll to the bottom.

If you have a device that is listed as a number format please create a new topic with the device number and include a short description of what the device is and what it is suppose to do. I will collect these and include them with new updates to MobiLinc.

Topic Title:
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Device Reported in MobiLinc as:
Device Type is: 2420M Motion Sensor
What it's suppose to do: The Motion Sensor has three groups: Motion Sensor (group 1), Dusk/Dawn Status (group 2), and low battery status (group 3). All three are "read-only" and are not controllable.