iLinc Pro Causes network printer reboot.

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iLinc Pro Causes network printer reboot.

Postby jamesm007 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:36 pm


Love the product! Very nice and easy to use.


When ever I turn on my iPod Touch, and start iLinc, during
it's network discovery, it send some data to the local subnet
that is causing my Xerox Phaser 8550DN to do a hard reboot,
which does a clean and diagoistics just like powering it on
from cold power off. The printer normally lives in sleep mode,
and automatically starts when a job is sent to it. This printer
uses a solid ink (wax) technology, so the clean cycle is quite
expensive, as it cleans the heads and uses quite a bit of ink
during this time, as well as taking some time.

Even if the printer is fully awake, like I just printed a job,
then spark up the Touch, and start ILinc Pro, it does it.

Seems kind of wierd, as ILinc has the IP address of my ISY
on the settings screen.

Can you send some details of what you are doing during
start up? What ports you are probing during init, etc.

I was hoping to you might have an idea, before I break out
network analyizer. But I kinda hate doing that type of detective

I am a software developer, and have done lots of network
programming, so I can handle the technical details.

Thanks, and great work on the iLinc!

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Re: iLinc Pro Causes network printer reboot.

Postby AdminWes » Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:10 pm

Hi Jamesm007,

Glad to hear you like iLinc and that you contacted me about the network printer problem. I've been working with another user over on the Universal Devices forum with the same issue with no resolution.

When iLinc starts up iLinc sends out a UDP broadcast discover packet on port 1900. I'll send you the packet details to your email address. Maybe with your networking background you may see something that I should change. To date, I haven't been able to pinpoint why sending a broadcast discover ping causes (now two types) of network printers to restart. Other than the UDP broadcast, iLinc communicates directly with the ISY via the IP entered into My Settings.

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