iLinc Pro not detecting ISY. Unable to connect

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iLinc Pro not detecting ISY. Unable to connect

Postby TaylorSmith188 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:25 pm

After downloading iLinc Pro, I am unable to connect to my smartLinc network (using SmartLinc Model 2412N).

After opening the app, I receive an error message:
Error Connecting to ISY
Unable to communicate with ISY. Please check your connection settings under My Settings

Initially, there appeared to be no atempt to automatically connect. I had to manually enter in the Insteon Server Info, including Hosy Type, User Name, Password, Local http, Locatl Port, SSL https, SSL Port, Connect Method, and UUID. After entering the info to the best of my knowledge I receive the error message above.

I have also tried to change the Host Type to PowerLinc 2414 with the same results.

I am looking for help/advice on connecting iLincPro to control my SmartLinc toys (SmartLinc is functional from my laptop)
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Re: iLinc Pro not detecting ISY. Unable to connect

Postby AdminWes » Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:44 pm

Hi TaylorSmith188,

I'm sorry to inform you that iLinc Pro is not yet compatible with the SmartLinc device. iLinc is only compatible with the PowerLinc and the ISY. Support for the SmartLinc is underway, but no release date has been set yet.

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