geofence trouble mobilinc pro isy994i

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geofence trouble mobilinc pro isy994i

Postby blue5.0 » Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:39 pm

I'm having constant trouble with location settings and my home geofence location. All settings are set to update on boundary crossing etc for the triggering of lights and garage door etc. The app always picks up the boundary cross and I get a phone notification but it doesn't properly communicate the change in state variable to the isy controller. It did work flawlessly for a few months so I know that everything was set correctly.

When I leave home I get the push notification that I've left my Home region. The ISY State Variable does not change and my garage door program doesn't trigger leaving my house wide open. If I manually change the state variable in my app everything works and upon returning home everything is fine. Same cycle repeats next time I leave. If I don't manually change the variable after exiting it won't work at all.

I'v done a hard reset. I've deleted the location from the app and the variable from the isy. When I redo the location everything will work once or twice again but that's it. The only suggestion I get from Mobilinc support is to buy the connect service but I've spent enough already on an app that is supposed to have the features i need - not wanting to spend more money on extra services for something that should work as is. Any suggestions on what to try or how to fix?
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Re: geofence trouble mobilinc pro isy994i

Postby AdminWes » Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:58 am

Hi blue5.0,

Have you run through all the troubleshooting steps on our website:

How is your cell signal strength when your iPhone crosses the boundary? If you have less than 3 dots MobiLinc may not be able to reach your ISY before iOS kills MobiLinc from running in the background.

Also, did you update your ISY to the latest firmware after iOS 9?

If you are outside of your home, can you open MobiLinc and toggle your variable from 0 to 1 and have your programs react correct?

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